This week we like - “Rapping about SEO”

Something exciting has happened!

We’re a sucker for excitement here at One Forty - especially when it means good things for our customers. 

Our news? We’ve joined our sister agency Free Rein. 

This excellent news means we’re continuing all of our existing services under a new virtual roof. Our move also means we’re able to provide our clients with even more digital services, from search and social media marketing, through to web development, email marketing and technology solutions.

Following us on Twitter? Don’t worry, we’re still there - we just have a new look. Follow @FreeReinDigital for all the latest search and social news.

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Do you share pictures of food? How a restaurant in NYC has used #Instagram food pics to its advantage.

This week we like - ‘Trotter, a dog who loves fashion.’ 

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This week we like - “Kellogg’s #TweetShop”

Armed with its Special K Cracker Crisps, Kellogg’s has been busy this week with the launch of a shop in London with an unusual currency… Tweets.

The Tweet Shop has been giving away bags of the new product in exchange for some Twitter love, really harnessing the power of social media while connecting the real world with our lives online.

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2012 London Olympics in tweets 

  • 50 million tweets in just over two weeks
  • Largest spike: 1.2M tweets in the 1st hour of the Opening Ceremony
  • Most buzzed about Olympic sport: football (soccer!) with 2.8M tweets
  • Most buzzed about athlete: diver Tom Daley from Great Britain with 630k tweets
  • Most buzzed about country: the US with 104 medals and 5.4M tweets

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Tech Turf War: Google Vs Apple

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This week we like - #HomeAdvantage

BA’s Home Advantage campaign has definitely been a hit with the team this week. Take a plane down your street.

This week we like - “Anti-ad stickers: Move to trash”

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